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The Argument Clinic

Doppleganger posting in The Argument Clinic
User: argument_clinic (posted by evilgrins)
Date: May 15th, 2008
Subject: California and same sex marriage PSA
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text in italics ganked from MosesWhitney:
The California Supreme Court has announced that they will release their ruling on same sex marriage tomorrow (5/15) morning. The Court will post their decision online at 10:00 am. The anticipation in the community is palpable. Whatever the outcome, tomorrow promises to be an historic day.

My Turn:
Relatively speaking if the judgement of the courts comes down as it usually does ("you still cannot be married but may have civil unions") then I'd like to officially nominate the day as National Kick Judges In de Booty Day!

When I first enquired what exactly marriage was, inquisitive lil' thing that I was, my parents told me that went two people lvoed one antoher they often would desire a more permanent union. Now, it's possible they actually meant to say "a man and a woman" but they didn't; even if they thought that way bakc then they certainly don't now...

...and as to permanent, let's just say I think that gay people deserve to be just as miserable as straight ones :P

I'm all for gay marriage. Really can't see anything wrong with is so I hope this decision (1 more hour to go) goes in their favor. Only 2 pressing arguments I ever hear, everytime this comes up, is that gay marriage goes against God and it's not natural.

To the first I usually respond that if de Big Guy was so opposed to homosexuals than clearly It would stop making them...as I'm of the mind that while there are those that choose the path, there's also those that're born to it.

As to the against nature one? Please! There's a tonnage of species on this planet that'll boink just about any gender if the mood suits them, not even of their own species in some cases. You think dogs much care the gender of the leg of the person they're humping? Off the top of my head I know that chimps specifically and many other apes, closest species to humans, will bang just about any gender that comes there way (no pun intended). rats do it too as do dolphins. Hell, anyone that's seen Jurassic Park knows that frogs are nature's favorite little transgenders and, after poking around (not to be taken literally) a bit I've found this is true of a lot of amphibians as well.

So gay marriage is fine by me. More power to 'em!

this will likely be xposted liberally
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User: kitwench
Date: May 15th, 2008 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Gay marriage is fine by me too - but lawful gay marriage.
Since the California State Constitution bans gay marriage, I oppose the judiciary branch stepping in legislate.
I prefer that the State of Californicated get it's collective head out of it's collective ass and start VOTING, because while 60% of the participating voters choose to vote IN that BS, the majority of California ELIGIBLE voters sat home with a great big case of the ignorant rant'ns. More people show up at rallies and marches than vote- I wish they'd show up at the POLLS.
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