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Opinion piece

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9:31 AM 7/30/08 · The head of the Pittsburgh Cancer Study recently was quoted as saying that there's enough information available about cellphones to state for certain that parents should not allow their children to have them. This isn't news exactly, there's been information stating that cellphones were potentially cancer causing since shortly after they first came out... then why are they still out there in increasing numbers?

Cigarettes & Alcohol.

It is an established fact that both Cigarettes & Alcohol are bad for us. One causes varying kinds of cancer and emphezima (bad bad bad breathing issues) and the other rots our livers and makes people crash their cars into each other on our roads. However, we still have Cigarettes & Alcohol and that's because they make so much money. A brief bit of American history that showed the realization of the badness of Alcohol, it was made illegal...

...ultimately it was decided that it should be made legal again given how much crime erupted to make it available again.

Strangely, this logic hasn't hit a number of other illegal substances. Like narcotics, which if you were unaware...alcohol is one of these too.

Cigarettes & Alcohol are still legal and in abundance, killing people daily, because they make money. We're killing off our atmosphere by burning fossil fuels yet that's legal even though there's healthier alternatives. There's actually fact to that urban legend about a car, that was made a couple decades back, that ran on water...but that would've stolen money from the oil industry so they killed it off fast.

It's not about what's good for us.

It's about what makes money.

Most of the people that support this stuff, that are in power positions, are going to die not too long into the distant future (possibly taking the rest of us along with them by killing the planet) and probably figure the more money they can have, before they kick the bucket, the better. Anyone left after they're gone...well, they're gone at that point so why should they care?

Let's see all that fundage keep them cool when they're burning in Hell!


Cellphones make money and damn the consequences.

le sigh...
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