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The Argument Clinic

Doppleganger posting in The Argument Clinic
User: argument_clinic (posted by evilgrins)
Date: October 1st, 2008
Subject: just happens to be my favorite number
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Media:The Cleaner
Tags:gay marriage, gay rights, god, homosexuals, propositions
11:09 AM 10/1/08 · As much as I enjoy poking fun at McCain & Palin, could almost make a living off it if someone would pay me, there are other matters to be considered. That'd be the Propositions. Now I've really only heard about 2 of these so far, on the news, without doing any real research on them but one of them seems to be really key right now.

Proposition 8.

An oversimplification would be that if it passes then homosexuals will lose the right to marry. If it doesn't then they may continue and, with any luck, the ability for them to do so will be able to spread wider. More locations, more happy couples. Or, to put it another way, I think gays should have just as much right to be potentially miserable as everybody else.

I've really only seen two commercials on this particular proposition so far. One, which fortunately hasn't been getting as much screen time, makes this whole bit that if gays are allowed to marry then it will be taught in our schools and it will be in our churches and a few other vague references that personally I think would be a good thing.

The only other is in favor of it and I like how it presents itself. An older couple, old but not what I'd call elderly, going on about how they've always treated their children well and fairly. How that if Proposition 8 passes then a couple of their children's marriages will be declared invalid and how that's wrong.

I agree.

When I was a much littler me, my parents taught me about marriage. They said that when two people loved each other they formed this perfect union and made a pledge to one another of their love before the world and God. Now it's possible they meant a man and a woman but they didn't say that. Either way, they're definitely for gay marriage now...

...and frankly, I've never understood any reason as to why it was supposed to be wrong.

In my eyes there's 4 types of gay person. There are those born to it who either embrace it or choose not to live that way for any number of reasons; that's 2 right there. There's straight people, as though implying anyone else is crooked, who choose to become gay. Then there's ye olde school and lesser used anymore definition of an exceptionally happy person.

There are those of a more religious bent that say that homosexuality is evil and gays are a blight on the world or an affront against God. Personally I think they're idiots. Simply put, it would seem to me that if God was so against gay people then the Big Guy would stop making them.

Anyway, that's my 25¢ on the matter.
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