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The Argument Clinic

Doppleganger posting in The Argument Clinic
User: argument_clinic (posted by evilgrins)
Date: March 25th, 2009
Subject: Mr. Muggles will eat your soul!
Security: Public
Tags:heroes, mr. muggles, questions
10:03 PM 3/23/09 · I've maintained, literally since the very beginning of the Heroes series, that Mr. Muggles is the most insidious evil of that particular reality. It's just that other shoe that has as yet not been dropped.

I even have a list of reasons:

One of them is very basic but it's possible I could be wrong about it. So, if you'd clarify a particular issue I'm having, is Mr. Muggles the only dog in the series? For that matter, have you seen other pets anywhere in the Heroes universe? Any animals at all?

Little fluffy bastard probably ate them.
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