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The Argument Clinic

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User: argument_clinic (posted by evilgrins)
Date: May 1st, 2009
Subject: The Piggy Pox is gonna getcha!
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Media:Lie to Me
Tags:diseased, lists
  • What little I know about Swine Flu:

    • The CDC has admitted that wearing those generic surgical masks over our noses and mouths does little to nothing in prevention of getting the swine flu. They're mostly being passed out to people to make them feel safer.

    • I don't wear them because everytime I exhale it fogs up my glasses.

    • It took a little time but they managed to locate Patient Zero, in a little pig farming town just North East of Mexico City. It's a 5 year old boy who has already survived it and is doing fine now. He was cured of it long before they officially diagnosed swine flu but they still had his blood samples and managed to trace him as the first human it jumped to.

    • Several agencies in the United States Government are trying to rename the swine flu because the association with pigs is making people hesistant to buy pork products because they're worried they'll catch it. As if suddenly slapping a new name on it is going to make people forget where it originated.

    • Ultimately this is a pointless endeavor because eating food produced from pigs does not infect people with swine flu.

    • It's also kind of silly because I don't recall this issue coming up with the avian flu from when it was the big panic button and lots of food comes from birds.

    • At present no one is sure why the death rate has been so high in Mexico and not anywhere else.

    • I'm not saying it's pointless to wash your hands thoroughly after bathroom visits and before you eat...but it seems a bit silly that this is being used as the most effective means to not get the swine flu.

    • It's kind of a pity that gas prices came down to more affordable levels given the fact that part of the reason the swine flu has gotten all over the planet so fast was from people traveling out of Mexico lately. When the rising gas prices were still a huge thing people were curtailing their travel plans.

    • An American family that moved to Mexico years back, and still reside there, are apparently huge zombie fans. Was very amused they made comparisons to those kinds of films, when interviewed, in relation to the whole swine flu situation.

    • During the initial investigation into the disease the head of WHO (The World Health Organization) caused a good portion of the panic & paranoia that came on early by publicly declaring there was no way in which to prevent the spread of the disease.

    • H1N1 is the name that is currently being promoted to replace 'swine flu'.

    • It is constantly mentioned that no one has a natural immunity to the swine flu but it's not what they mean exactly. It is stated along the same lines that there is no vaccine currently prepped for this disease. It's almost as though they view any vaccine as being the same thing as a natural immunity.

    • In the news today they advised that when washing your hands you should do it for no less than 20 seconds. Singing a little song along with this is advised. Apparently Paul McCartney has a song that's about 20 seconds long.

    • It seems more a matter of the power of positive thinking going hand in hand with the placebo effect...but I don't get the whole tammaflu thing, made evident in the fact I'm not sure how to spell it. Seems decidedly wonky that after pressuring everyone with the evident threat the swine flu represents, what with having no vaccines or effective treatments available to combat it, suddenly taking tammaflu is hailed as the means to defeat it.

    • While I am going on about this quite a bit I'm really not that worried. I really just wanna get it, build up my little mutant anti·bodies, and get it all over with.
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