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The Argument Clinic

Doppleganger posting in The Argument Clinic
User: argument_clinic (posted by evilgrins)
Date: September 18th, 2006
Subject: The Pope's an idiot
Security: Public
Media:NBC11 Morning News
Tags:dubya, islam, mohammad, muslims, pope
5:56 AM 9/18/06 · While I've never really discussed it with much of anyone...it shouldn't be a huge surprise that I'm not a fan of the current Pope. Kinda stemmed from all the jokes folks made initially that he looked like Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars series but that wasn't exactly it.

He just looks evil...or maybe depraved is a better word.

Haven't spent much time paying attention to much of anything he's done but this most recent thing is level of stupid worthy of Dubya. One would assume that the Pope is aware that being who he is people tend to listen to what he says. It's not like some folks that get on the mike and the audience tends to drone them out. The Pope speaks and people listen.

So this rather pathetic excuse he's been making that the thing he read, an article/manuscript that straight out insults the Prophet Mohammad, that he chose himself to read was not something he believes in is such a load of crap. He's going to make a speech and read this thing and then be all "...not that I believe any of this. I mean, c'mon...who ever pays attention to me?"

Okay, he didn't actually say that last bit but I'm just really pissy right now. Have been the last couple of days since I 1st heard about this.

The guy's the Pope for God's sake; one would assume that while going through the process that lead to the position there were numerous tests to assure he wasn't dain bramaged (deliberately spelled like that). I mean, unless the folks at the Vatican were trying to pull the same magic trick that got Dubya, our current President of these United States, into office.

*begin rant*

Oh Godz Above...he's a clone. He's a clone of our deeply dysfunctional President! No wonder he looks so odd. You put that right next to each other the resemblance is there, minus the fact the Pope is a little more scrunched down. Clearly an instability in the genetic replication process resulted in a minor amount of melting.

*end rant*

That's how I see it: he's either stupid or there's something wrong with him. Either way, that was a really dumb thing to do and that pathetic excuse only made the matter worse.
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