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The Argument Clinic

Doppleganger posting in The Argument Clinic
User: argument_clinic (posted by evilgrins)
Date: October 30th, 2006
Subject: Hey...maybe we're all right!
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Media:Veronica Mars
Tags:angels, cultures, god, gods, languages, people, religions, theory, thoughts
4:32 PM 10/29/06 · While I still think that a literal interpretation of the 10 Commandments, the words as they are and not by what people can infer they might mean, I'd like to share a side theory of mine. Skipping over the first little bit of commandment #1, the second bit goes Do not worship any other gods besides me. Now, taken literally this would seem to imply there's more than one singular deity and a whole slew of them. Still, there are many that would like to say that there's just the one and this is more directed towards false idols.

Then again, one would assume if the Big Guy had meant that It simply would've said "do not worship false idols" but then maybe I'm giving God too much credit. Or maybe that is what was said originally and something was lost in the translation. Who can say for sure?

I seem to have gotten a bit off topic but that's okay because it's all in my head until I type it.

I've often looked at the polytheistic model, of the multitude of older religions that are usually viewed as mythologies these days, as more of a slightly askew view of the Kingdom of Heaven. Most of them (Greeks, Norse, Egyptian, Babylonian, etc.) have one all powerful deity, generally the father figure, and a whole bunch of minor godlings that are nearly all powerful but not as much as the Big Guy.

Technically, the Kingdom of Heaven follows this model...at a stretch admittedly but work with me for a bit here. There's God and then there's a whole slew of angels. It's interesting about the angels, how they seem to be broken up into various categories and only some of them do the same thing while others do different things. From a human perspective an angel is a god.

Okay, not to Christian or Hebrew humans but keep in mind that back in the day the planet was a lot bigger than it is now given that modes of transportation weren't what they are today. Nowadays you can hop on a plane and fly anywhere within a matter of hours. Same distance, way back when, we're talking months upon months for the same location to location hop. The faith had much further to stretch and before it even got going there were religions all over the place.

My thought, kooky little theory, is that maybe God sent angels down (or whatever direction) to Earth long before the Bible makes a note of and the angels were believed to be gods by the people they encountered. It's not that far a stretch when you think about it. evn if you don't buy into them actually having wings on their backs you're still talking about beings that each have the power to level a city with the wave of a hand, fly, and are so beautiful to look upon the mind can scarcely accept it. Immortal, seemingly all powerful, emissaries of an even more powerful being.

Now, I don't entirely believe this but I can see a lot of ways it might work. God created the entire planet, not just that little bit that the Bible largely covers. It seems highly unlikely that God would've just centered all It's attention in that one general space. Being around since the beginning of forever it seems likely that God may've made numerous contact with people all over the globe. That they all interpreted God and the angels differently than the people living roundabout the geographical region where the Bible largely focuses on is hardly surprising.

Do you have any idea how many different words there are for apple? Yes, that was a random choice...didn't occur to me how odd that particular fruit was to use in this context till the sentence was on the screen. Different people, different cultures, different languages; so many different views of so many things is it any wonder that there are so many different religions? Quite a number of them monotheistic but even more that're polytheistic.

What if everyone is worshipping the same God? Even if some of them are offering prayers to the angels that's not so unusual. Despite the protestations to the contrary, I know Christians that worship angels, pray and make offerings to.

So, that's my theory.

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