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User: argument_clinic (posted by evilgrins)
Date: February 26th, 2010
Subject: Health Care Summit on CSPAN3
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Tags:democrats, health care, obama, republicans
10:21 PM 2/25/10 · I missed the first 2 hours of it cuz I was asleep. My alarm doesn't go off until 8am and I didn't even know when it was supposed to be on until the morning news told me. Still, it was 6 hours long and I caught most of it and left with the following conclusion...

...that while I was already for the new proposed health care before, I'm definitely for it now.

Little things really. Like both Republicans and Democrats agreeing that the current health care system will bankrupt and fail in the relatively near future. Whereas Obama's proposed health care system only 'might' fail and bankrupt. Both sides are pretty much on point there and I like those odds.

The Republicans have a sort of box·eyed view of the situation. They see it but in a limited field of vision. What they currently have, and an alternative proposed fairly recently, admittedly can only help about 3 million people and they feel pretty good about that. That it leaves 30 million other people uncovered doesn't seem to be that big a deal to them...

...and there's also the financial concern. They seem to think that those that will not be covered have options to just switch services to better suit their situation. A Democrat proposed that it may be due to the fact that government officials make upwards of $160,000 a year, tax free. Whereas most of the people they feel should be able to handle their health insurance plans as easily as they can only make about $40,000 a year.

Of course, non·government folks get taxed.

Obama did a good job of making sure everyone, both Republicans and Democrats, got a chance to be heard. Now it may be due to that, as much as the fact he felt a need to comment on everybody's thoughts inbetween, that the summit ran into overtime by close to 2 hours. Still, much seemed to be accomplished in this forum in that being televised certain unsavory behaviors that are regular with some of these folks didn't come to the fore as the entire things is televised.

Politicians tend to be more polite when the American people can actually see and hear them.

Both Republicans and Democrats thanked Obama profusely for having this session the way they had it as it came across as more progressive than what they usually have to go through. This is not to say everyone was happy with what was said or how views interchanged. I was often surprised how many ideas from both parties echoed each others, as I'm sure so were they.

Obama's health care isn't any closer to going into effect than before. At least I don't think so. I could be wrong about it but I really think we should give it a shot. Have to do something cuz the current system ain't working, the Republicans proposed new plan covers the barest minority of the American people, and as a Democrat so eloquently pointed out every day 14,000 people lose their health insurance and another 6 to 8 die for not having any health coverage.

Whatever you may think of Obama's plan it does have the advantage of it being designed to help everybody. It may not work but the current stuff isn't working either. Also, it's no more expensive than what's currently in place. As the man said himself, it uses the same amount of funds but better manages the distribution of it...

...whereas (love that word) the current dealio costs the same but a majority of those funds are diverted to only 5% of the American people.

A few buzz words and phrases seem to have people in an uproar against Obama on this. The Republicans are good with the smear campaigns. One of them after the summit again said that the American people (as a whole) were opposed to Obama's plan in entirety...and then said that 55% of them had as much said so.

Let me just do the math on that...so that's 45% of the American people that are in favor of Oama's health care plan.

Hmmmm, not so cut & dried after all.

The Colbert Report has been focused on the Olympics but The Daily Show covered the health care summit with it's entire episode last night: Clicky!
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