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The Argument Clinic

Doppleganger posting in The Argument Clinic
User: argument_clinic (posted by evilgrins)
Date: April 9th, 2010
Subject: Go figure
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Tags:glenn beck, separation of church & state
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11:18 PM 4/8/10 · I'd been meaning to do a post on the Separation of Church & State for awhile now, been in the news a lot the last few months, but I've been putting it off. No particular reason. Sometimes these things need to wander around in my head for a stretch before I get around to typing on them...

...but, oddly, what got me going on this now is Glenn Beck.

No, my mind on the man has not been changed. I detest Glenn Beck. He's a fear monger, a causer of worry. It's what he does. Everybody has a special skill and I guess it was either this or do a cooking show. Not that I think I'd've been inclined to like him more if he'd gone the other route.

Something about his mannerisms make me concerned about any food he might produce.

The reason I mention him at all is this, I was disussing with Mom the other day that his show comes on at the same time as The Daily Show & The Colbert Report. Those 2 repeat several times after their initial showings, seems to be ever 2½ to 3 hours, so I can catch them later or wait till they're doing repeats. I know i don't like Glenn Beck but an uninformed opinion is not one with much standing. So, I figure I can check his show out every so often...

...and, as I'm typing this, he and his special guest (David Barton) are discussing the Separation of Church & State.

Go figure.

My overall opinion of the Separation of Church & State is that it doesn't mean what everybody thinks it means. Or at least seem to these days. I believe that it was setup initially to prevent what we/Americans came from. We used to be a colony of England and the dividing lines between government and religion, at least back then, were not that distinct. Not to mention, odd phrase, that there are numerous governments where whatever religious system that is primary in their lands is...it has a great amount of influence over the workings of governance.

Take Charlamagne, WAY the fuck back when, who was crowned the last emperor of Rome by the Pope of that time. This union was brought about specifically to establish tight ties between his rule and the Vatican. Made all the more evident in that ol' Charlie began a campaign of ensuring the reign of Christianity throughout his lands. Anyone not pagan, not Christian, not baptized (etc.) were executed. All told, that government with the aid of the church slaughtered over 6 million people...

...but I digress.

The United States does have a Separation of Church & State. Just cuz 'in God we trust' is on the money and we are 'one nation under God' doesn't mean anything. The point is the church is not making the govenrment do anything. Religion has no overt contol of the goings on of our political lives.

We have it!

On a random note, I was amused that GB pointed out that in the early stages of our country that school children were given a small bible to study from along with their usual learnings. This is not exactly a shock. Anyone that ever watched Little House On the Prarie, as well as any other period pieces of that time, would be aware of this fact. The reason I believe this was discontinued was mostly due to the fact that it was only the Christian religion that was being taught in schools...

...and being that we are a nation of many religions, that kind of religious segregation didn't play over so well with the public at large.
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