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The Argument Clinic

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User: argument_clinic (posted by evilgrins)
Date: August 3rd, 2010
Subject: a view on the Tea Party's supposed racism
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Tags:obama, racism, tea party
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11:11 PM 7/30/10 · Where the Tea Party is concerned the issue of racism comes up a lot. Those on the Right say that it's due to the Left trying to put down this great movement, and the Left say they are seeing that which should be obvious to all.

Personally, while I'm sure it's not 100%, I do see it. I'm not Left or Right, have voted for both, I'm fair to middlin'. I'll even tell you why I see it with a related example.

The Chinese.

In the era of Hollywood films prior to Bruce Lee actively becoming an actor, the Chinese were always depicted in American films as having insanely exaggerated accents, intensely squinty eyes, and either unusually big or buck teeth. The people in Hollywood did not view this as being racist, though it was brought up numerous times (in other cases as well not involving the Chinese) it was laughed off as being a ridiculous notion...

...although generally it's an askew'd perspective to ask the people making the offensive display whether or not it's racist. They either don't see it or don't care.

To the Chinese, the ones being presented in this manner in Hollywood films, it was viewed as extremely racist and highly prejudicial.

So, we have the Tea Party and at their rallies they often have Barack Obama either lynched in effigy or, along the same lines to my example above, dressed in animal skins with bone piercings and presented as a savage.

It was racist when Hollywood did this kinda thing to the Chinese...so why isn't it racist when the Tea Party does it to Barack Obama?

Again, I'm sure 100% of the Tea Party are not racist. I'm sure they didn't all have a hand in making these type, or the various other, of depictions of Obama...but even the people that didn't make them carry these signs and are thus putting forth the image and spreading it through their rallies and presentations.

On purpose or not, that's racism.
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