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a good place to start an argument and then see if you can win
Arguing isn't necessarily such a bad thing. Among my friends it's sometimes fun to argue a thing to death, one of those long drawn out things that may've had a purpose originally but eventually it got lost in the argument.

Of course, there are those arguments that just won't end that are anything but good.

Either way, this is a place for both types. I actually had my eye on one particular person for this, used to be mutually friended but she went for the hills when one of the arguments there got out of hand. I miss our little warring chats so she's definitely going to be the first one I invite here. Hopefully, there'll be more than a few others that want to get in on this that'll keep things random and interesting.
  • All posts must be something that can be argued.

  • Whether it is something you have been thinking on for a long time or something that just struck you interesting when you woke up this morning, you've got to be able to defend your position.

  • If you can't win an argument...start another one.

  • If you find yourself agreeing with the post...skim the comments. Odds are you'll be able to find someone in there to argue with.

  • Try and keep each argument to a separate post.

  • Length of a post is up in the air really. It can be a single, volatile, statement or a few paragraphs to adequately get your point across. For those more lengthy posts: you're trying to start an argument...not write the next great novel.

  • Things can get as out of hand in here as you all like. There's no cause to backdown and you don't have to be nice about anything. However, you do not take any angst outside of this community that you built up here. Any and all personal issues you develop from some argument you have here stays here. You just save it for the next war of the words.

  • Any argument worth its salt may include insults and little *pokes in the nose*. There's no problem with that, so long as you keep it to here, but I will not have any racial or prejudicial insults getting thrown around in here. That's a big no no!

  • Partially inspired by that last one; there may come a time when someone will post something of a racial or prejudicial nature and I'll allow that to a point. Despite the free range on arguing here...this is not a pro·hate community. Try to keep a lid on it or else there will be dire consequences.

  • Just so we're clear, no member of this community should ever try to continue their argument or take any issues with anyone to that person's journal. While I really can't police that sort of thing, I'd like you to be as nice as bunnies to each other outside of here.

  • You are free to start as argument on how nice bunnies really are if you must.

I'd like to add that not all arguments require an intellectual perspective. Have been having fun with how playground things can get here when we've run out of brain fuel on each post.

If you want to advertise any kind of community please do so at Livejournal OverdoseWe·Need·a·Life and not here. I used to allow advertising in any of my communities if it kept to the theme of that community but I'd like to cut down on that a bit...until it dwindles to nothing.

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